Monday, December 5, 2011


     "So Dwayne backed away some, contented himself with preaching at Wayne. He spoke about human slavery—not only black slaves, but white slaves, too. Dwayne regarded coal miners and workers on assembly lines and so forth as slaves, no matter what colour they were "I used to think that was such a shame," he said. "I used to think the electric chair was a shame. I used to think war was a shame—and automobile accidents and cancer," he said, and so on.
      He didn't think they were shames anymore. "Why should I care what happens to machines?" he said."

I refuse to kowtow or genuflect to inferring gnats which have no sway nor hold in my existence. The words I write here are hallowed; amoral - in that they are beyond good and evil - they are writing. If you don't talk to me at all, (and especially if you don't) then what the fuck are you doing here?

No negotiations. Vexations and the Vile remains public, uncensored, fearless, dauntless, irreconcilable.

     And all the children whispered "Who will he gut next?"
     He whispered back: "Who said anything about gutting?"