Saturday, December 3, 2011

He Hoped Otherwise...

Well, it has come to my attention there are certain poor pathetic pitiable philistines who read my blog and look deeply into it (even though they have NO knowledge of me) and fancy painting me a devil of sorts.

I had hoped this would be an open outlet to the world, but plebeian moral absolutism flourishing as a result of my self-exposés now dictates this blog is made 100% private, like my Fuckbook and Twatter.

Goodbye, internet. I will now have to approve your ability to enter this sanctum of thought. Find a fucking life instead of trying to read non-existent subtext in a broken machine's ramblings.

No more ammo for the Charles Whitmans goose-stepping around this sorry sore of a city - at least, not for some time to come.