Saturday, November 20, 2010

Student Wakes From 16 Hour Coma

Falling asleep at around six AM this morning, I figured I'd wake up sometime between noon and two.

I wake up; it's still dark. I brush my hair out my eyes; always a tousled mane fresh from sleep. The clock says something that could be nine-thirty - I can't tell without my glasses on. I shut my eyes again; it's strange that it's still dark. I hear one of my roommates shuffling around quietly.

I open my eyes again, and lean up and actually squint at the clock. It's 9:50. Did I just sleep for four hours?

I get up, go to the computer, open my email. There's not really anyone on MSN or Facebook, and I try and find my cellphone. It's next to my pillow when I find it, and it says 9:52 PM. PM? Over twelve hours later, that 9:52 PM?

I've never slept that long in my life. I remember no dreams; for me, the planet Earth didn't exist for some sixteen-odd hours. My state was no different than a dead man's.

Time and existence only exist if you can perceive. And we are easily robbed, slowly over time, of perception.

This is an illusion.