Saturday, November 20, 2010


Where shall I take Julian along his sordid journey downwards? What trials should I subject him to face? I have my bricks ready to lay down to create his road. It's one lined with shards of broken glass and blood and broken bones. I don't know how many times I'll tell you this, Julian, but I'm sorry for what you will go through - what you must gain and then lose to be the character this novel requires.

...Is it odd to apologize to someone who doesn't exist?

I find myself at a point where it's more difficult to write...Julian is finding what he thinks might be love. How can I write about that when I find myself devoid of that very ability - hollow. Maybe looking to my past can allow me to recreate a facsimile of love for Julian. I simply worry about how believable it will be.

Lost in the city.

Symptom of my circumstance.

Suffocating a mute rock star.