Thursday, August 26, 2010

Peristaltic Catharsis

This is going to be a journal-slash-diary-slash-parallel project to the novel I'm writing, which goes by the working title Memoirs of an Extra-Terrestrial. I figure if I can record the stupid, funny, psychotic shit that happens to me, I can weave a more sordid tale for everyone to read when it's finished. For reasons of a) not wanting my intellectual property stolen, b) not wanting to bore casual readers:

Memoirs of an Extra-Terrestrial is about an eighteen year-old disaffected youth named Julian, living in the upper-middle class dregs of Suburbia and his struggle to maintain his sanity despite his overwhelming anxiety issues, completely misanthropic disposition, his drug abuse, and his sexual deviance and over-indulgence.

So, now that you're all brought up to speed.

I'm finding it hard to write the scenes between Julian and Laura. The dialogue, the thoughts, they sear old memories across my mind that are stealing into my subconscious and later exposing their latent selves in my dreams. I can't wait to mix back in more of the self-destructive Julian and less of the unsure, whinier Julian.

My page count sits at 120 typed pages after beginning at the start of February 2010. And no, I'm not trying to start a pissing contest over whose book is bigger, faster. Take the Freudian implications of that as you will.