Friday, July 4, 2014

De Circumitus

Cyclical time necessitates an unvarying procession of happenings in order to permit the proper recurrence to take place. If this procession were altered in any way, it would necessarily cause a redundancy that would arrest the cyclical procession and prevent the it from happening in the first place; the first cycle requires an infinite succession of cycles to follow it, ontologically.

Cyclical time is rooted in a universe that is conceived (by humanity) in ellipses and circles. Gravity, as the physical force, can be observed to bring about spherical creations — the planets, asteroid belts, the rings around Saturn, the great (but dying) storm on Jupiter — these are all manifestations of the discernible cyclicality inherent in the universe. Why else would gravity and matter manifest in these forms? Of a circle? Of a cycle in general?

Gravity manifests latent cycles yet unforeseen.

This is its singular greatest function, and makes all other effects ancillary to this one. Gravity unearths hidden truths and hidden connections yet unseen; the force of Gravity begets CYCLES.