Saturday, February 15, 2014

My God

I let the elevator doors slide shut.

This is the finality. This is what I have been working towards. I have engineered this end and I feel alive. So long in the making, so innocuous in the flesh, and yet out of this fumble of fate I have destroyed my craven idols and found the true god was me all along. I am without beginning and ending, this thought is infinite and this memory eternity. I eclipse the stars and the sun in the sky. I existed for untold aeons before this one and I will exist for aeons yet. I gave birth to the Ideas and Nile that brought them forth, and just as the Word created Adam, my word created them. So as Enoch was called to testify before the Throne, so too will the Ideas be called to testify to me. Their sins will be made manifest and then — absolution. For this is nothing in the eyes of Me. The sum of everything transpires as mere minutia before Me and this is my volition and my creation and I AM MY GOD.

I sever the tie. This is the mercy in my forgiveness.