Monday, April 22, 2013

Indescribably Bad

"At some point in his timeline, he simply became incapable of fulfilling all those little details that made people conduct their lives. He forgot simple things others took for granted. He forgot how to expand his lungs to breathe, how to swallow, how to sleep, how to speak, how to put water to skin, soap to clothes, Pine Sol to floors. To eat a meal sitting down, enjoy a song on the radio. Sip iced tea with a sliver of lemon. Forgot how to love. Every movement was a remarkable challenge. His heart bled constantly, draining him of any vitality. Even tilting his head produced a splintered skull full of migraine. It seemed indescribable except to say on bad days, the days were indescribably bad."

- Helena Maria Viiramontes — "Their Dogs Came With Them"