Thursday, February 14, 2013

You can't write this

Fuck you, Jesus…god…Moses…whoever. Sex with a side order of guilt is all I can order now, thanks to your fucking dogma and your puppets marching around the globe, fingers contaminating pies of all sorts of flavours of sin — simony, paedophilia, racketeering, lies, slander, perversion of the truth. You really left a gorgeous legacy for your children’s children, didn’t you, you indifferent, distant, useless fucking cunt.

I think you owe me a great big apology.

I spent my entire adolescence filled with guilt and doubt and self-loathing and so much fucking hatred and superiority and condescension and alienation and feeling like I was the only boy in the world who couldn’t live up to your goddamn perfect standards so as to merit the tiniest fucking whisper of affirmation or reassurance. You are the evilest, vilest, cruellest joke ever played on the lambs of this world — and the worst part of this? You’ll never even be able to be held accountable for any of this chicanery, this false salvation you sprinkled into the hearts of innocents and cultured in corrupt men who only cared about getting their dick sucked and greenbacks slapped in their hand from tithing welfare cases. You are the largest enabler of genocide, guilt, hatred, discrimination, thievery, paedophilia, misdirection and moral double fucking standards.

Dear god,

I hope I see you in hell.