Thursday, April 12, 2012

The Wonderful Tale of the MacDougalls and Gene Simmons

The Wonderful Tale of the MacDougalls and Gene Simmons

Enter scene. 
COLIN and WILLIAM are sitting on the balcony of Club Nokia. Upon WILLIAM spying them coming up to our left side, GENE Simmons and his family take seats a row down, ten feet to their left. They are watching the musical sets and awards being given like most other patrons. After thirty minutes or so of staring really creepily and trying to grow a pair, but remain polite, after seeing other people approach him in the middle of musical sets. COLIN, finally, has had enough.

[COLIN stands up]

"'I'm going to do it!"


"Get his autograph!"

[COLIN starts feeling faint and BPM increases perceptibly. He walks over to the seat just behind GENE Simmons and sits down, before gently tapping GENE on the right shoulder twice with the right index and middle finger.]

"Uh, Mr. Simmons?" (Ed. note - 'Mr. Simmons?' What was I thinking?)
[Gene rotates his head, and is surrounded by most of his family. He quite blankly looks me in the eyes, waiting for me to speak.]

"I hate to be that guy, but, uh...would you mind autographing something?

[GENE nods, casually]

[COLIN reaches into his left jacket pocket where his fortuitously brought notepad and mini-pen, and, hands trembling like someone in -50 C weather, and produces the items. COLIN then notices that GENE has faced back forward, waiting for COLIN to have a writing utensil and canvas to sign.]

[Swallowing heavily, COLIN taps GENE on the right shoulder even softer, once. GENE accepts the pen and paper, and returning his gaze to the stage and monitors, signs the page of the notebook. SHANNON Tweed, to GENE's left looks at COLIN, and he smiles to try and seem polite and not a pestilent fan. Her lips twitch up into a smile, albeit brief.]

"Thank you so much, I, uh, thanks!" (Ed. note - This is where my brain gets fuzzy from the reality of the situation and words are forgotten or fudged.)

[COLIN offers his hand, and GENE shakes it, offering eye contact one last time, finally relinquishing a small amicable tweak on the right side of his lips.]

[COLIN stands and returns to WILLIAM, his bowels or heart not exploding as he feared.]