Sunday, November 7, 2010

Sitting Here, Wishing On A Cement Floor...

I dreamt the other night.

It was vivid - I woke up sweating, muscles slightly sore doubtless from the tensing and releasing that occurred as as I dream-slept.

It was the end. I don't remember if it was hurricanes, tornadoes, earthquakes...but the end nonetheless. I was with my family; we were in an SUV that I didn't recognize. It was packed with all sorts of random things that someone had thought necessary - probably not me, but maybe. The roads were chaos; people drove on the left-hand side, the right-hand side, the off-road side. The sky was brilliant and inconceivably larger and higher than the one that crowns Earth in reality. It was azure and cyan and hued fuchsia and all range of tones in between. I remember seeing an eye, like the eye of a hurricane, but how I saw it would mean it was perpendicular to the ground; clearly a dream-possibility only.

We flew along the road, lurching, swaying. I don't remember the little bits of chaos that happened along the way.

We soon arrived at my grandmother's house - only it wasn't, it was on the waterfront, (which would make it a poor choice in a natural disaster scenario - dream-logic) and not anything like her house. At least, not then.

I realized not long after, (with no syllogism of the fact I was surely dreaming - more dream-logic) that this was a house I had visited in my other dreams. Not the exact same, but the waterfront; the general was all familiar.

It transitioned to a university lecture, with my high-school Law teacher being the prof. (More dream-logic...) My younger brother, who is far too young to be in university, was in the seat beside me. I was happy someone was there that I actually cared about; disaster forgotten, a more plausible reality now in front of me.

Banter with the 'prof'; discover elementary school female acquaintances sitting behind us in the lecture hall. Disaster resumes; my little brother vanishes into dream-phantasm, and I'm running again, like in so many of my dreams - lost, looking for someone, anyone, never quite sure who. But I am.

The university, which again, is not my own, becomes my prison, a demented fun-house that I'm lost in. Staircases appear before me, ladders, and I'm running around in circles, bumping into people I haven't seen in years, people that have no business in the 'university', much less during a disaster, but now it's like I'm in some sort of strange and sick game. I'm momentarily intrigued and enthralled by the complexity of the building I'm running around in like a rat in a maze.

But then I realize I'm alone, and I've lost everyone, and the world is ending. And there's nothing I can do.