Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Dichotomy, You Are Me

Self-perception, self-image, the concept of conceiving oneself....

How can I see my many faults, aware of them, and yet be content with the dysfunction? Am I so content with fulfilling the negative image I both consciously and subconsciously perpetrate?

My perspectives have converged from the other end of the spectrum, the inverse of my own, the opposing swing of the pendulum. You can't get to me so easily nor as readily. So try your hardest.

The core is where the strength is. Make it through the mask and the walls and the barriers and barricades and partitions and divisions and actually find it, and you would see its strength, the burning supernovae of my essence.

Julian is going to be seeing more of another end of the spectrum very soon - in an unpleasant way. But his core burns more intensely even in its apathy than all the others.

"This is beyond your experience."

Try taking what I've taken, and then you'll come closer to seeing the core.